How to Hire the Right People For Your Business


Sep 26
How to Hire the Right People on Your Business

Here is a question from Annette: How do I hire the right people?

My answer is: “Hire from a list”!

For years, I hired people based on hit and miss methods.

At first, I would hire only family members or those recommended by friends and neighbours, especially inaanaks (godsons and goddaughters).

I later realized that it was a huge mistake. Most of these people either stole from us or did not do their jobs well because they felt entitled, kumpiyansa. They would come to work late, or go home early, or even pretend to be working but doing personal stuff during office hours.

There were also some who could not do the jobs well, but expected a high salary just because they are family and they felt, they deserved special treatment.

What is bad is that when you fire a relative, you lose the whole family of that relative. The bad feelings in the family lingers from one generation to another.

Learning from that mistake, I started to hire strangers. I would interview an applicant and decide by gut feel if he is trainable or not. Although this is a thousand times better than hiring relatives or those recommended by friends and neighbours, it was still all hit or miss.

After all those years, we learned our lessons. Now, we have a method that works very much better.

When there is a need for an employee, instead of hiring right away, we start with a list.

First, we list down what the new employee will do. Then, we list down the qualities that are needed for her to do those tasks.

Next, we classify the KASH: the Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, and Habits that are needed and when will she create them. What KASH should she have upon hiring and which will be developed through training.

Now, I have a checklist when I start interviewing and screening my applicants, and I won’t be making as many hiring mistakes. It is no longer a hit and miss method.

When you hire and grow the right people, they will, in turn, help you grow your business. Learn more from my book, Grow Your Business, Pinoy!: Your Practical and Proven Roadmap on How You Can Make More Money by Doing Less.

Would you like to find out how you can grow your people so you can grow your business? Stay tuned to my next posts. They will help you continue to make more money by doing less.

How do you hire employees on your business? Are there hits and misses, too? Share them in the comments.


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