Kabayan: Have You Ever Imagined What You Would Feel Once You've Finally Come Home For Good?

When do you imagine this moment will happen?

2 years? How about 5? A decade? Two decades, perhaps? 

It can happen sooner than you think.

Are you an OFW who misses your family in the Philippines?

Do you long to hug your family members especially during special occasions but you can’t because you’re abroad and they are in the Philippines?

Are you worried because the company you are working for abroad has closed down and now you have to struggle to look for another employment?

Do you miss your kids and wish you were beside them, witnessing their milestones?

Do you want to go home for good but you can’t yet because you need to make money for your family?

If you say “YES!” to any of these, then YOU've come to the right place!

Let me introduce to you the OVERSEAS FILIPINOS SUMMIT.

The Overseas Filipinos Summit is a FREE ONLINE SUMMIT that will help you be empowered and inspired to overcome homesickness, financial difficulties, family problems, and many more.

I'm one of the resource speakers for Week 5: Finances and Business.

I'm an author, entrepreneur, business mentor, and the prime developer of

Grow Your Business, Pinoy! Roadmap® . A business growth guide designed for Filipino

small-medium business owners who want to learn how to grow their business to the next level. 

Overseas Filipinos Summit
38 Resource Speakers
in one whole day event. 

We will talk about the most important aspects in an OFW’s life -

Faith, Family & Relationships, Finances, Fun, and Fitness.

You can join wherever you are.

You can join in the comfort of your own home or office anywhere in the world.

Registration for the FREE Pass
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The Biggest ONLINE Inspirational Event for Overseas Filipinos Globally is Here!

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Overseas Filipinos Summit

Do you want to discover how to manage your finances so you can go home for good in the future?


Do you want to discover creative ways on how to be happy and how to overcome homesickness?


Do you want to learn tips on how to keep the communication in your family alive even if you are miles away from each other?


Do you want to learn how to love yourself, how to increase your faith in God, and how to overcome challenges?

You will get these and many more here at the Overseas Filipinos Summit.

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Overseas Filipinos Summit.

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