Grow Your Business, Pinoy!

Your Practical and Proven Roadmap on 
How You Can Make More Money Faster 
by Doing Less
Written by: Myrna "Mommy N" Tam-Natividad

What you'll get from this book:

If you are a Filipino business owner whose business is at least a year old, this book will:

  • Save You Time And Money. You will not only grow your business faster, you will also save millions of pesos and years of making mistakes through trial and error.
  • Provide You With A Shortcut To Business Success. You will learn the why's and how to's of the GYBP! Roadmap® so that you can take your business to the next level with less money and effort.
  • Provide You With Practical And Proven Solutions To Your Business Problems. You will be able to easily identify what problems you need to focus on so that you can quickly grow to the next stage in each of the areas of Marketing, Supply, Production and Value Chain, Finance and Accounting, Sales and Operations, Technology, Human Resource or People Management, as well as Leadership and Managerial Skills.
Bo Sanchez


If you're running a business or want to start one, this is the book you must read.  It's got the practical wisdom distilled from four decades of building small and large businesses in the Philippines.

Bo Sanchez Best-Selling Author/Truly Rich Club

In The Book, You Will Discover:


In business, there are three specific reasons why you must grow.  From the first 4 chapters of this book, you will learn:

  • how to plant the seeds of growth,
  • how staying small looks like,
  • how to embrace growth, and
  • how, if a teacher like me can grow my business, you can surely grow yours too.


Part 2 is about nurturing or growing your business. Here, you will learn how easy and simple it is to grow by simply focusing on the few important things at your level of growth. You will also discover how doing the wrong things at the wrong time is a sure formula to disaster. All this you can get on Page 93, from the GYBP! Roadmap®: A Waze® for Business Growth.


Know that by growing your business successfully allows you to be FREE. Learn the 4 other things that you can be, do or have on Page 160. 


When you choose to grow your business, you will harvest an abundance of good fruits. You will grow into a more generous and grateful person as you get inspired by the positive impact on the lives of people around you.

About the Author

Myrna is fondly called “Mommy N” by her mentees.  To them, if Robert Kiyosaki has two Dads (a Rich Dad and a Poor Dad) they too, have two Moms: their Negosyo Mom (Mommy N) and their Nurturing Mom.

She the first-ever Female Entrepreneur of the Year Awardee of the Department of Trade and Industry Region IX for 2017 and the prime developer of Grow Your Business, Pinoy! Roadmap® (GYBP! Roadmap®). The first of its kind in the Philippines. The GYBP! Roadmap® is a business growth guide designed for Filipino micro, small, and medium business owners who want to learn how to grow their businesses to the next level.

What Other Entrepreneurs Say About the Book


Josiah Go

Myrna is not just a writer but a successful entrepreneur. Read to learn mistakes of others. Read to grow! Love the 4-step growth path!

Josiah Go - The Marketing Mentor; Chairman, Mansmith and Fielders Inc. |

Fitz Gerard Villafuerte

This book is both an informative and entertaining read. Through her own life stories, Myrna will show you the intricate mindset that an entrepreneur must have; and the practical actions they must make to grow their business into a success.  It's an important resource for all those navigating the complex world of entrepreneurship.   

Fitz Gerard Villafuerte - Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur | |

Fiolette Domingo

A great "MUST" read for all aspiring entrepreneurs! Highly recommended for its immense amount of helpful information. Chapters are well organized and can really be beneficial to all those who want to be successful in business and to avoid costly mistakes. 

Fiolette Y. Domingo - President/CEO, V.Y. Domingo Jewellers, Incorporated |

I'm privileged to endorse this book to the 99.6 % of businesses in our country: the MSME's, the driver of our nation’s economy, the goose that lays the golden egg. It's a must read for the entrepreneurs preparing to scale up and to the would be entrepreneur trying to create his own path... It emphasizes the vital importance of planning and is an inspiration to any Entrepreneur embarking on the journey to inclusive prosperity.

Pedro Rufo “Pocholo” N. Soliven -
Regional Governor for Western Mindanao, Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Vice Chairman/Board of Trustee, Ateneo de Zamboanga University | Serial Entrepreneur

All it takes to crush a person's heart is to look in the eyes of a man filled with regret. Yet life is enlightened by a woman who doesn't have any.

Ms Myrna Natividad is that woman. Her decades of business failures, wins, and everything in between is encapsulated in this passion-driven book. 

Inspiring stories. Practical advice. Zero fluff.

Allan Ngo - Founder, Digital Solopreneur |

I remembered wishing at that point for a small business owner to take the time and write a book. I needed a mentor to show us how to get out of debt and grow our business! This is a common pain of micro and small business owners that Myrna solved in her Grow Your Business Pinoy book. I fell in love with Myrna’s book. The moment I started reading the first few pages, I know that I won’t bring it down until I finish it. She is the real deal - teaching Filipino small business owners based from her 4 decades of owning and managing different businesses. Every MSMEs should be reading this book! 

Niña Santiago-Mendoza - Founder, New Smart Marketing |

A business growth guide designed for Filipino micro, small, and medium business owners to Grow their Business with Less Time and Effort.

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Imelda Ahalul-Dagus

The Best Business Roadmap I've Ever Used!

More than motivational, this book is also technical! The roadmap guides me from my starting point to my destination as well as in everything in between. 

I particularly appreciate how the stages of life were presented in a business perspective. It made me rethink my own priorities and strategies considering my age, the potential of the business and the legacy I want to create. I now feel that I have a clearer vision going forward.

IMELDA AHALUL-DAGUS  //  GoNegosyo Filipina Entrepreneur Awardee of 2017, Micro-Small Category. OFW turned entrepreneur.

Angela Martinez-Yupano

Grow Your Business, Pinoy is the answer to your prayers!

If you are seriously considering running your own business, or having difficulty sustaining or growing it, Grow Your Business, Pinoy is the answer to your prayers.   Being a business person myself, I learned a whole lot from this book than all the business seminars I have attended for the past two years, combined! A must read!

ANGELA MARTINEZ-YUPANO  //  Architect, entrepreneur, and writer

Ester Perez

My excellent guide!

As an employee turned entrepreneur, I have had many doubts in the manner I plan and control my business. I had this perception that CASH is the only tool in growing it. But this book just serve as the turning point in my life as an entrepreneur. It's well explained and well illustrated roadmap became my excellent guide in managing the business. And, I will be glad to share it to anyone especially to would-be entrepreneurs. 

ESTHER ARQUIZA-PEREZ  //  Owner and Manager of Baker's Field Enterprises.

GYBP Roadmap is my guide to grow my business even MORE!

Like our mentoring sessions where she shared gems of her wisdom, Ma’am Myrna wrote this book not only from her knowledge as a lifelong business learner, but, most of all, from the heart of a battle-tested, down-in- the-trenches entrepreneur of decades.

It is a "must have" book for owners of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) like me and the members of my organization. I am making the Grow Your Business, Pinoy! Roadmap® as my guide for the growth my own businesses even more.

ARNOLD SOTTO  //  Proprietor and General Manager of Sotto's Delicacies and AFS Marketing; President, Fruits and Nuts Association of Zamboanga City and Basilan Province. One of the Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year.

Truly inspiring and encouraging!

A must read book to entrepreneurs, especially micro and small business to get out of the comfort zone and aim to grow using GYBP! Roadmap®. Truly inspiring and encouraging!

SHERYL JEAN GUBANTES CANDIDO  //  Owner/Production Manager of Zam's Delight Foods

Complete Guide

The complete guide for your growing business and life lesson as well!

Sthony Ramos , Owner, Mang Isto Chili Garlic Sauce

I have a clearer vision going forward.

More than inspirational, this book is also technical. The roadmap guides me from my starting point to my destination as well as everything in between. I particularly appreciate how the stages of life presented in a business perspective. It made me rethink my own priorities and strategies considering my age and the potential of the business and the legacy I want to create. I now feel that I have a clearer vision going forward.

Imelda Ahalul Dagus , Dennis Coffee Garden

GROW pa More

A lot of mistakes, trial and error, and grit plus prayers and support

Yes. One of the best local books I've read so far:) An entrepreneur's journey is never easy but with this roadmap, you will be guided to GROW pa More in Business and in Life for yourself, family, organization, community and God's greater glory :))) Thank you so much Ma'am Myrna. Hoping to meet you personally. You're an inspiration. God bless you and your family more 🙂

Christine P. Toledo , Entrepreneur, biologist, water advocate

One of the best local books.

I just work hard to grow my start up saxophone business. After reading this book, I realized that working hard is not enough to grow my business. It is a must to be equipped with right attitude and skills.

Yes. This is a must read book for an individual who wants to start business and for those who have business that struggles. I really enjoyed reading this book.

Donny F. Awa

Grow Your Business, Pinoy! Roadmap®

If you are a Pinoy business owner who is usually overworked, overwhelmed, undecided, or confused but determined, and your business is at least two years old, then you will find the GYBP! Roadmap® a useful guide in getting you out of your misery.