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Complete Guide

The complete guide for your growing business and life lesson as well!

Sthony Ramos , Owner, Mang Isto Chili Garlic Sauce

One of the best local books.

I just work hard to grow my start up saxophone business. After reading this book, I realized that working hard is not enough to grow my business. It is a must to be equipped with right attitude and skills.

Yes. This is a must read book for an individual who wants to start business and for those who have business that struggles. I really enjoyed reading this book.

Donny F. Awa

I have a clearer vision going forward.

More than inspirational, this book is also technical. The roadmap guides me from my starting point to my destination as well as everything in between. I particularly appreciate how the stages of life presented in a business perspective. It made me rethink my own priorities and strategies considering my age and the potential of the business and the legacy I want to create. I now feel that I have a clearer vision going forward.

Imelda Ahalul Dagus , Dennis Coffee Garden

GROW pa More

A lot of mistakes, trial and error, and grit plus prayers and support

Yes. One of the best local books I've read so far:) An entrepreneur's journey is never easy but with this roadmap, you will be guided to GROW pa More in Business and in Life for yourself, family, organization, community and God's greater glory :))) Thank you so much Ma'am Myrna. Hoping to meet you personally. You're an inspiration. God bless you and your family more 🙂

Christine P. Toledo , Entrepreneur, biologist, water advocate

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Hi, I'm Myrna Tam-Natividad!

Together with my team, Grow Your Business Pinoy, Inc., I help overworked, overwhelmed, undecided and confused Pinoy business owners to grow their businesses faster and easier using a proven and practical roadmap.

I am envisioning that more small and micro businesses grow bigger - that is why I am sharing the roadmap to you, Pinoy business owner. 

I am fondly called “Mommy N” by my mentees.  To them, if Robert Kiyosaki has two Dads (a Rich Dad and a Poor Dad) they too, have two Moms: their Negosyo Mom (Mommy N) and their Nurturing Mom.

I am the first-ever Female Entrepreneur of the Year Awardee of the Department of Trade and Industry Region IX for 2017 and the prime developer of Grow Your Business, Pinoy! Roadmap® (GYBP! Roadmap®). 

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