A Guide On Downloading Grow Your Business, Pinoy! Book On Amazon


Jun 11
Grow Your Business Pinoy book

Happy Independence Day to you, my fellow Pinoy business owner!

Today is the day!

Are you a Pinoy entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level?

Then I present to you my book, GROW YOUR BUSINESS, PINOY!: Your Practical and Proven Roadmap on How You Can Make More Money Faster by Doing Less by yours truly Myrna L. Tam-Natividad.

Kindle app

To download and install the Kindle for PC app:

1. Go to Kindle for PC. If prompted, choose the option to save the file to your computer.

2. Click on the download button.

3. After download is complete, double-click to open the file.

kindle for pc

4. Click Run. 

5. Extracting files...

6. Click Ok.

7. You now have a Kindle App on your PC, now go to www.amazon.com and sign-in or create an Amazon account.

8. Once logged in, type "Grow Your Business Pinoy" in the search bar and click this as shown on the image.

Grow Your Business Pinoy book

9. Open your Kindle App and you will see that the Grow Your Business, Pinoy!: You're Practical and Proven Roadmap on How To Make More Money Faster by Doing Less by Myrna L. Tam-Natividad is already in your Kindle library.

But if you're always on the go, here's how to download and install Kindle for Android from your device:

1. Go to Kindle for Android

2. Download Kindle app on the Apple Store or get it on Google Play on your device.

3. Click Install.

 4. After installing the Kindle reading app, you’ll need to register it to your Amazon account.

You have just a few days to download this Kindle version of my book for FREE before its original price of $5.99 is restored.

Hurry! Click on the link and start your FREE download now!

Let's go, Pinoy! Let's grow!

P.S. Can you do me a favor? Since you got the book for free, can you please spare a few minutes to write a book review in Amazon?

Happy reading!​


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