How Do You Train Your Kids To Be Business Owners? – Part 1


Aug 01
How Do You Train Your Kids To Be Business Owners? PART I

How do you train your kids to be business owners?

Let me give you the first out of the three tips I have for you. Now, you’ll learn my Biz Parenting Tip #1: Watch your Words.

I am not a  parenting expert and 5 my kids are not perfect. What I am sharing is just what worked for us, and I hope these will work for you, too.

When my first two kids were growing up, we were struggling with starting and failing in business after business.  Over dinner with them, my husband and I would tell each other about how hard being owners was, and how lucky employees are, because unlike us biz owners who work 24/7, they only work 8 hours a day.

As a result, our first two kids did not want to be business owners. One was an employee for 5 years before she reluctantly agreed to join our businesses.

Our second kid is still employed. She has been for more than 10 years now. Although she calls herself a “corporate slave”, she has no plans to help us in our business.

6 years after she was born, we had three more kids. At that time, we were still failing in some businesses, but we were also starting to succeed in others. So, around our dinner table, our stories were not only about biz problems, but we also had happy kwentos about our employees and their families.

These three younger kids grew up different: Even as kids, they knew that they will be in business someday. No ifs, no buts.  It is only a matter of time.

So, Committed Business Owner, if I could just turn back time, I would watch my words over the dinner table. I would lessen the talk of business problems and emphasize to my kids how much being in business not only helps ourselves, but also helps our customers, employees, our economy and our country as well.

Again, our Business Parenting tip #1: Watch your words.

In our next post, you will learn about my tip #2 on how I trained my kids to be business owners.

Would you like your kids to become business owners, too? Why or why not? Send us your thoughts in the comments.


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