How Should I Deal With My Employees?


Sep 05
How should I deal with employees?

Here is a question from Janet: How should I deal with my employees?

My answer is: Treat them like your children, love them but do not spoil them.

I see my employees as people lent to me by God temporarily, a few months maybe, and if I am blessed, a few years, or a few decades.

While they are still with me, it is my obligation to take care of them: pay them on time, make sure they are comfortable and happy with their work.

It is also my obligation to grow them, both personally and professionally, so that they will be more responsible parents and well prepared for the next chapters of their lives.

This is why, like my kids, they too have to abide by the rules. If they violate rules, they will be disciplined. If they follow the rules and perform their tasks well, they will be rewarded.

Employees, like our own children, do well when the rules are clear. They will test you and you should never fail the test. Always treat them equally. Because if you are lenient with one, the rest will follow.

Never spoil your employees. Never treat them like family because they are not. Just love them, and when it is time, let them go with your blessing. God will always take care of you and give you someone who will always be better.

When you love and grow your people, they will, in turn, help you grow your business. Learn more from my book, Grow Your Business, Pinoy! Your Practical and Proven Roadmap on How You Can Make More Money by Doing Less.

In the next posts, we’ll talk more about how you can grow your people to grow your business, so that you can make more money by doing less.


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