My Employees are LAZY!


Sep 12
My Employees are CRAZY!

Lyn asked me this question: Why are my employees so lazy?

My answer is: “Look at your KASH”!

Yes, it is spelled K-A-S-H.

No, it is not about money, and yes, you need some money to have KASH.

Let me explain it one by one.

K is for Knowledge.

Ask yourself: Does your “lazy” employee know what it is that he is supposed to do and why he has to do it? If not, then, the solution is for you to grow his Knowledge.

The lack of Knowledge is a training problem.

A is for Attitude.

Ask yourself: Is he really fitted to this kind of work? Is this a good use of his talents and his strengths? Is this his ambition? Does the work fit his personality? Is he happy in this kind of environment? Is he paid well enough for him to be interested to continue to work here?

If not, then assign him somewhere else where he can grow. Just hire somebody else who is better fitted for the job.

If Attitude is poor, this is a hiring problem. It is also a motivation problem.

S is for Skills.

Ask yourself: Can he do it? Is he able to do it? If he is not, then, grow him by training him. The lack of skills is also a training problem.

H is for Habits.

If you hired well, trained well but still they do not perform, Habit must be the problem. This could be a problem on your systems and processes.

The solution will be to examine your systems and processes, especially your performance feedback system.


When you grow your people, they will, in turn, help you grow your business.

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In the next blog posts, I’ll talk more about how you can grow your people to grow your business, so that you can continue to make more money by doing less.


How about you? Do you think you have crazy employees? Why did you say so?



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