I Don’t Need to Borrow Money to Grow My Business?


Aug 29
I don’t need to borrow to grow my business?

A question from Leah: What do you mean by growing your people to grow your business? Hindi ba money is what we need to grow our business?

I also thought that money is the solution to all my business problems. That kind of thinking? That was why we almost drowned in millions of pesos in utang.

You see, in business, and even in your own life, the lack of money is not the problem. It is a symptom.

That is why having more money is not the solution. In fact, having more money becomes the poison that will kill you faster. What were my real problems? Low sales, high expenses.

Why low sales? I am too busy to sell. My employees cannot sell. I bought stuff that is not sellable. Many reasons.

Why high expenses? Again many reasons, like no budget, borrowing too much and paying high interest rates, etc.

Do you have problems with money? Look at your sales and your expenses and determine the real problem. You will find that the problem is you or your people.

Lack of cash is the symptom. And, borrowing more without removing the root causes will kill you.
The solution is to have an A-Team, delegate, so that you will have time to learn, think and reflect on your business. Read more about this in my book, Grow Your Business, Pinoy!

Remember, Grow Your People to Grow your business. ☺

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