The First-Ever Online Summit for Overseas Filipino Workers


Dec 18

The first-ever Online Summit for OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers. 

This online summit aims to produce financially smart OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) and their dependents, too .

"Sarap no? Dollars ang kita. Dami napupuntahang iba’t ibang bansa", asked the bank manager.

That's true.

In fact, I was just talking to a friend the other day and she told me that her salary as a teacher is really not enough to cover her family’s basic needs.

Super dami na niya loans, P800 na lang ang take home pay niya.

She's considering working abroad. Kahit nga daw as a domestic helper sa Hongkong. She has a neighbor kasi who works as a domestic helper in Singapore and sends all her 3 kids to a private school.

So, I get where the bank manager was coming from.

However, what she didn't know is that even OFWs, nalulubog din sa utang.

I heard of a story of a domestic helper who was hospitalized because of food poisoning.

She was poisoned because she ate a bread that has already expired.

She’s so hungry and kahit expired na, kinain pa din niya. Wala na kasi siyang pera to buy even just a piece of bread. No more allowance din kasi naipadala na sa Pinas, kasama ng buong sweldo niya.

Sad but true.

Here's the thing.

Not all OFWs story are sad and tragic.

But the question is,

Worth it ba?

Ikaw lang ang makakasagot niyan.  

Our mission is to help Filipino employees to start and build their own businesses, and to help business owners grow their businesses to the next level.  This is so that they can provide jobs to others, help their family members, and be entrepreneurship models to their children.

This is God’s plan for me.

The more businesses we have in the Philippines, our kababayans won’t have to go abroad and leave their families.

This is why I am here as well: I want to help people who wants to start their own business and go home for good so that there will be less broken marriages, dysfunctional children, social problems, etc. There is a way. You can be with your family and watch your children grow.  It is my intention to hold your hand and lead you towards starting and growing your own business in our motherland.

There is a way. And it’s easier than you think.

God has a plan for you!

Are you an OFW?

Or do you have family members or friends who are OFWs?
We have an early Christmas gift for you.

My dear friend and mentor, Sha Nacino,  interviewed 38 resource speakers - including myself, and our favorite dear mentor Bro. Bo Sanchez, who will empower and inspire you to overcome homesickness, financial difficulties, family problems, and many more.

That's why Sha came up with an ONLINE Summit called The Overseas Filipinos Summit™.  Since it’s online, you can join anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.  And the best part?  You Can Get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the videos, mp3s and bonuses when you upgrade to a VIP Pass!

online summit for overseas filipino workers

Overseas Filipino Summit

You Can Get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the videos, mp3s and bonuses when you upgrade to a VIP Pass!

>>> Get Your VIP Pass Here!

Here are some of the topics that were tackled:

  • How to Find Work-Life Balance
  • How to Take Care Of Yourself
  • From OFW to Online Filipino Worker
  • How to Keep Relationships Alive Despite the Distance
  • How to FireProof Your Marriage and Family as OFWs
  • How OFWs can Break Bad Money Habits
  • How to Have a Successful Transition
  • How to Put Up Your Business in the Philippines

>>> Get Your Lifetime Access here.

Favor... can you also share this online summit to your Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) friends and families?

Thank you!

I wish you success and happiness!

Your Negosyo Mom,

Mommy N

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