How do I discipline my people?


Jan 08
how to discipline employees

Here is a question from Allan: How do I discipline my people?


My answer is: “Discipline with love in your heart. Never with anger or vengeance.” 🙂


In Episode 11, you learned to treat employees like your own kids.  Love them, but never spoil them.


The reason why we discipline our children is that we want them to know what is right and wrong so that when they grow up, they will be happy and successful. Right?


Why do employees violate rules?

We learned that employees violate rules usually because either they were not oriented, or they no longer respect those rules since they have not been implemented by supervisors anyway.


Therefore, rules must be written. They must also be explained so that it is well understood by all our employees. As an added protection for you, from future labor cases, God forbid, you must let your employees sign a piece of paper that says,


“I certify that I read, understood and have received a copy of the company rules and regulations.” 


Yes, be sure that it is signed, dated and filed in your employee 201 files. And, always, no matter what mood you are in, implement rules fairly.

verbal warning

Make sure also that the penalties are progressive: Depending on the type of offenses, start with oral warnings, then progress to written warnings, suspension, and finally, termination.


Let us know in the comments below if you want to learn more about termination in future episodes.


When you Grow your People by disciplining them right, they will, in turn, help you Grow your business. Learn more from my book GYBP- Your Practical and Proven Roadmap on How You Can Make More Money by Doing Less.


In the next sessions, we’ll talk about how to handle employees who feel entitled so that you can grow your business, and continue to make more money by doing less.


I hope you’re learning a lot from the Grow Your People Series! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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