What do I do with old employees who are hardheaded?


Jan 08

Here is a question from Jennifer: What do I do with old employees who are hardheaded?


My answer is: “Hammer their heads!” 🙂


It is impossible to find employees with soft heads.  Right?

What does hardheaded mean to you?


For me, it means that he refuses to obey instructions.  For Jennifer, however, it was the many absences of her older employees.  For you, hardheaded may mean something very much different.


When you use a word that has multiple interpretations, this is a “judgment” on the person, like when you say “tamad” or “maganda.” Using judgment words like these is not only unfair but is also does not work when dealing with your employees.


Instead, use behavioural terms.  Describe the behaviour that you can see and measure so that they can improve on it.


So, if hardheaded means being absent for 3X a week, you can now start to call the employees attention to your Code of Employee Discipline or Rules and Regulations.


When my employees violate rules, it is usually either they were not oriented, or they no longer believe in those rules because their supervisors have not been implementing them anyway.  When this happens, discipline in the organization becomes a problem.


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I hope you’re learning a lot from the Grow Your People Series! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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