How Do I Train People?


Oct 03
How do I train people?

Here is a question from Vivian: How do you train your people?

My answer is: “With total love and understanding.”

Do you attend seminars and take a lot of notes so that you can echo them to your employees when you get back?

Do you send your employees to attend seminars?

For thirty years, that was what I did. It worked 20% of the time, but 80% of the time, sayang lang.

What I discovered for training to be effective, it needs five things:

  • The training outcomes and outputs will have to be clear. What do you want to achieve from the training?
  • The training methodology must be based on how adults learn. Never, never, never lecture.
  • The trainer must be competent. She must know what she is doing and not just do a gaya gaya without understanding. She must be able to design a training program that will deliver the intended outcomes and outputs.
  • The training environment must be conducive to learning. Pay close attention to the training room, the equipment, the seating arrangements, sounds, smells, colors, etc.
  • The last but most important, the trainee must be willing to learn.

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